Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are sealed units, over time they may need recharging to ensure that they cool the air properly. Loss of function may simply require re-gassing, though sometimes it is due to a leak somewhere in the system.

In order to trace a leak a special dye can be passed through the system to show up the location of the problem. Failures can be relatively inexpensive to repair or can require the replacement of the pump or drier unit, which can be expensive.

Air conditioning should be run occasionally throughout the year and are very good at removing condensation from windscreens in cold weather. Run the air conditioning for around 5-10 minutes a week to keep the pump and other components in good working order. If you don’t use it. then suddenly switch it on, the pump can seize up so it is a sensible precaution to use it occasionally.

There is nothing worse than finding out on the first hot day of the year that your air conditioning is not functioning properly.

Re-gassing and testing of the system is not expensive and at Aylesbury Autotech we will make sure that your system is ready for the warmer weather, which if last year is anything to go by, could start very early in the year.

Courtesy Cars

You may well have experienced the recent policy of many local main agents, who are now charging customers for a courtesy car while theirs is being repaired. With very few exceptions Aylesbury Autotech will provide you with a courtesy car for free!

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