How to tell what needs doing

Very few motorists know much more than the essentials when it comes to motoring and the mechanics of their car is usually a bit of a mystery to them. Unfortunately this leaves plenty of scope for rogue traders to carry out unnecessary work. How then can you safeguard yourself from falling victim to this kind of scam?

First of all it makes sense to use a business that has stood the test of time and has a good reputation. Although it is perfectly possible to find a good mechanic who operates as a one man business and repairs your car at the roadside, frankly it is far more likely that a business like this will have neither the tools nor the experience to do the job properly and/or safely.

Fortunately, a little knowledge can go a long way to ensure that you can prevent costly and unnecessary work from being carried out. Autotech has prepared a few informative pages for you to use as a reference whenever you have work done. These have been divided into categories so that they can be found easily, just click the links below.

Courtesy Cars

You may well have experienced the recent policy of many local main agents, who are now charging customers for a courtesy car while theirs is being repaired. With very few exceptions Aylesbury Autotech will provide you with a courtesy car for free!

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