Modern vehicles are now very complicated machines with a host of sensors and electronic control units controlling exhaust emissions, improve stability/braking and to facilitate sophisticated safety systems.

Technicians at franchised garages need to be highly trained and must attend many manufacturers’ training courses. Not only are these courses very expensive, but the technicians demand salaries to match their skills.

Garage hourly rates vary considerably according to location, the nature of the facilities and whether or not they hold a franchise.

A major service on a Mercedes will cost between £300-600 in Buckinghamshire from a franchised dealership depending on the model, with the A Class at the cheaper end.

In contrast, highly skilled independent technicians like us are not under the same pressure from vehicle manufacturers to maintain prestigious premises with lots of customer facilities and, as a consequence, we are able to charge less than half the labour rate of our franchised counterparts.

Before booking your car in for servicing we recommend that you phone several garages and compare their hourly labour rates. However, ensure that they have the right level of skill before you commit an expensive car to their care.